Verification of Enrollment

VOE (Verification Of Enrollment):

If you’re planning to apply for your permit or driver license, you’re going to need a form called the VOE, or Verification of Enrollment. This is the state’s way of making sure your school attendance and grades are decent before they let you start driving. In the state of Texas Driving is a Privilege, Not a Right.

When to Obtain Your VOE

It might take a day or longer for your school to issue your VOE, so it’s wise to request it about a week before you plan to head to the DPS. The issuance date on the VOE is important because the form expires after 30 days if you get it signed during the school year.

What about summer? Don’t worry. As long as you get your VOE signed within the last five days of the school year, it will stay valid all summer long until school starts again in the fall.

How to Obtain Your VOE

VOE's are processed in the 1100's Office with Ms. Jacoby. You can request on this online request form. Remember when requesting the VOE it may take 24 to 48 hours to process. You’ll need this form when applying for your permit. IF you owe hours, all hours must be cleared prior to requesting the VOE. You can pick up your VOE in the 1100's office.


For additional information see the The Texas Administrative code (CLICK HERE) . Title 37, Part 1 Chapter 15 SubChapter B - Rule §15.39 Verification of Enrollment and Attendance


All VOE request processed the last day of school are valid for the entire summer break.

Summer permit tip: If you get your learner’s permit and want to knock out your behind-the-wheel hours over the summer, remember the one-hour limit. Driving six hours in one day on that family road trip isn’t a good idea. If you’re doing Texas Parent Taught Driver’s Ed, your practice logs should only show one hour of driving per day.