Students may see Amanda Thompson in the 1100's office to check out, turn in, or pay for lost textbooks. Please call (512) 570-1023 or email Amanda.Thompson@leanderisd.org if you have any further questions.

From the Student Handbook:


All textbooks are the property of the Leander ISD. The use of these textbooks is the right of every student. This right

carries with it the basic responsibility of proper use and good care. A student who is issued a damaged textbook should

immediately report that fact to the teacher. In the event textbooks are lost, new ones cannot be issued until payment has

been made.

Payments for lost textbooks are due within three (3) days. Refunds will be given through the close of the last school day of

the current school year. After this date the textbooks will become the property of the student. A fine may be imposed for

failure to keep books covered properly.