Young Parent Services

Young Parent Services

The vision of LISD's Young Parent Services (YPS) program is to ensure that all young parents will graduate feeling connected, empowered, and confident in making healthy choices for themselves and their child's future by providing young parents and pregnant teens with:

  • Academic guidance
  • Emotional support
  • Current and age-appropriate pre-natal and child development information 
  • Parent and child health information 
  • Community resources

Students and parents can  contact the counselor at your school, or you may contact Bonnie Hahn, Young Parent Service Program Manager at 512-570-0338 or

Compensatory Education Homebound Instruction (CEHI)

More information about Young Parent Services

Young Parent Services (YPS), formerly known as Pregnancy Related Services (PRS), are a combination of Support Services and Compensatory Education Home-bound Instruction (CEHI).