Parking Permits

There will be NO IN-PERSON purchases made this year. Once completed, the parking permit will be delivered to the classroom/period of your choice.

20-21 Parking Permit Application Process

Items Needed:

  • Download Copy of DL

  • Current Insurance

  • Copy of Receipt where paid

From the Student Handbook:

Student Parking Regulations

Driving a vehicle on campus is a privilege afforded to students. With this privilege comes the responsibility to abide by

certain rules and regulations. Students may lose the privilege to drive and park on all school property if the rules and

regulations are not observed.

All cars and motorcycles driven to school by students must be registered and parked in the designated student parking

areas. The price of parking decals will be announced each fall. The decal must be displayed in the place designated by

the administration.

Students, who park on school property without a permit, or those who park in an area not designated for student use, may

be subject to disciplinary action. Repeat offenders may have their permit revoked or their vehicle towed at the owner's


The speed limit on school property is 15 m.p.h. This speed is established for the safety of everyone. Once the student

drives on campus, the student should park and lock the vehicle. Use of vehicles is prohibited until the end of the school

day unless permission is received through the Grade Level Assistant Principal's Office. Students may lose parking

privileges if they leave campus during the day without permission.

A fee will be charged for a replacement permit if the permit is lost due to disciplinary action. Students are prohibited from

loitering in the parking lot. Students must have written permission from the Assistant Principal's Office to enter the parking

lot during school hours.

Students are responsible for the security of their vehicles parked on school property. Students shall not place, keep or

maintain any article or material that is forbidden by district policy in a vehicle parked on school property. Vehicles parked

on school property may be searched by school officials if there is reasonable cause to believe the vehicle contains articles

or materials prohibited by district policy. Students shall be responsible for any prohibited items found on vehicles parked

on school property. (See "Interrogations and Searches.") Driving/parking violations will result in loss of driving privileges,

fines, or other disciplinary consequences. Students must have a pass from an Assistant Principal to be in the parking lot

during school hours.