Congratulations Megan Sheehy and Rachel Beese!!

Congratulations Megan Sheehy and Rachel Beese!!
Posted on 11/29/2017
Picture of Megan SHeehy and Rachel Beese

A huge shot out to Megan Sheehy and Rachel Beese from your teacher Mrs. Stephanie Ribas, your classmates and all of us her at LHS!!

Both were chosen as finalists for the PEC (Pedernales Electric Cooperative) Youth Tour Contest. They had interviews a couple of weeks ago, and they were both chosen as 
winners of an all-expenses paid trip to Washington D.C. this summer! To enter the contest, they had to write an essay in which they proposed their idea for an after school program. Megan's program is called Actively Political Students (APS), a program to get teens more informed and to give them a space to have dialogue with each other. Rachel came up with Call the Ball, a program that involves playing tennis and learning how to be decisive under pressure.

Congratulations again Megan and Rachel!!